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"Fantastic Textures, huge Worlds - good. But where are the Details?"

The majority of developer companies are focusing on those elements - but where are the Details? We miss the tricky puzzles, hidden locations and easter eggs.

Our Philosophy of development is simple. Create Software Products where the small things matters. Details matters.

That's the reason why we've funded Revonance.

We old-fashioned Titles. That's our ancher.
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Indie Development - Made in Germany

With our HQ in the center of Munich, we are happy to call ourselves bavarian Developers 

Tony Caterev
Head of Development
"It's not a lake, it's an ocean..."
Steve Dandl
Head of Operations
"Be water my Friend."
Florian Kunz
Head of Marketing
14 Projects since creation of Revonance.
~830 Hours spending with Development since creation of Revonance.
~1800 Cups of Coffee since creation of Revonance.
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Our Projects

What we've created as Revonance

Royal Chapters

Plattform: Web-Application
Creation Date: 01.03.2018

Our first big Creation. Royal Chapters is a Web-Browser RPG, with different Classes, Quests, Dungeons and NPCs.

With this project we were trying to re-create an childhood memory - a game, that we've all played at the pc of our parents or older siblings, that bindes us for hours.

As a new player, you can choose between five classes and decide individually, how to skill your character, as he becomes stronger and stronger, after each journey. Besides the travels there are Dungeons, Arenas, Guilds and more Features, that we will implement time after time.
Join us and write your own Royal Chapter.

 Play Now

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 Our Insperation

"...It's not a lake, it's an ocean....
"...Infinite in mystery, is the gift of the goddess....
"...Zeig' mir Deine Ware....
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Contact Us

If you are interested in our products, to join or team or just say "Hi", feel free to write us!